Legacy Rewards Membership Program

"Your All-Access Pass to EXCLUSIVE Rewards!"

Legacy Reward Points:

Rewards points DO NOT EXPIRE and can be earned in a few different ways. 

  • SIGN UP! - Earn welcome points by simply signing up
  • Make Purchases - Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend
  • Follow/Like us on social media 
  • Share labeled content (like our blogs, for example) for bonus points monthly

Redeem your points by simply choosing how you'd like to apply your discount. 

  • Claim coupons up to $50 off your order or
  • "Pick Your Prize" by using our order discount slider. This lets YOU control the number of points you'd like to apply. Redeem 100 points per $1 off. Take a few dollars off a small purchase now or save up your points to apply a larger discount later. It's all up to you!!

Legacy Rewards Referrals:

Tell a friend, get a reward...it's that easy!!

Inside of your Legacy Rewards Account you will find a unique code. Share that code with your friends, family, co-workers - anybody! When your referral uses your code, they will receive $5 off their first order and YOU will receive a $10 coupon automatically! 

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have. Referrals, however, must be NEW customers in order for the code to work. 


You are automatically enrolled in the Legacy Rewards Program when you create a customer account. To access your reward profile, simply click the rewards icon at the bottom of your screen. There you can track your points, access your referral code, see your referrals and redeem your rewards points. 

This program is absolutely FREE to join. Click here to get started!!