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Smells so good!

It smells so delightful and it doesn’t strip my skin! The only downside is it didn’t lather very well so I have to keep pouring out more product in order to wash my whole body. So it didn’t last very long for me.

Facial Cleansing Bar
Laura Julien
My face loves this soap!

I've been using the face soaps for about 3 years now and can say that my blemish prone skin has never looked or felt so well! It's blemish free, soft and feels and looks great 👍🏾

Ginger Bread Man

It smells amazing, and the sweet Cinnamon is one of my favorites to use before bedtime and after a hot relaxing bath with the wonderful Bath Salts. It's just what I need before falling asleep.

Sparkling Skin

Great product. I love the way it makes my skin shine. The smell is amazing. I recommend self-care to all men. The best part is it's all-natural, so it is great for your skin.

Wonderful Product

Wonderful produce. I use it after I shave and before I step outs it makes your skin feel great. I recommend to all men to use on your bold head like mine, face or chest after shaving or waxing to prevent ingrown hair and bumps.

Face wash

I have struggled for years trying to find a face wash that would not only cleanse and clarify my skin around my forehead and nose without drying it out as well. This face wash is amazing! With the scrubber my face has never been more clear! Not on is my skin clear, but it isn’t dry or agitated and I feel refreshed after each use!

A natural that works!

This deodorant keeps working, even in that FL heat. I put it through the test, gardening plus a workout and it was still doing the job! And it doesn’t make my skin breakout. Some of the other natural deodorants I’ve tried either didn’t work or gave me a rash. I’m so happy with this product!

Found my new lotion

Love this lotion. Does the job and makes my skin look great

For Men Too!

This product is outstanding! I give it 10 marks on the wash, the lather, the smell, and simply the fact that it's all natural! It's also unisex! From the Citrus Burst, to the Vanilla Cream, and everything between! Gentlemen try this body wash, your lady will thank you!

Shea Butter Body Wash
Olivia Bailey
Wonderful product

Lathers so good and your skin feels so soft after using it !

It is what it is

I've just tried the new Tea Tree and Eucalyptus scented Shea Butter Body Wash and I am well pleased! It left my body feeling soft and clean, which is unusual. Normally, if a body wash leaves me clean (passing my white towel test), my skin is dry and irritated. If my skin is soft, my white towel is smudged, meaning I got creamed, not cleansed. After using this Shea Butter wash, my excema-proned skin is calm, not screaming for Cetaphil, what a relief! So far, it is what it says it is: an all natural, gentle cleansing, body wash. So far, so good. 🤗

God sent

I don't know where to begin❤️ve❤️ive used this amazing cure for me every evening. I don't know or care what does to trick. But I feel younger looking, even has been noticed by a coworker 💓 I use with face messager and I really can in less than week see a difference as well

Luxury in a Jar

Smoothing on this body butter after a hot shower made my skin so soft and gave me a sunkissed glow! I’m very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes to pamper themselves. The scent is noticeable but not overpowering at all; it’s very soft.

Sugar Scrub Is Amazing

I am very picky with the products I use because I have senstive skin, but I'm glad I tried out Mary & Grace product. I used the mini spatula to place some on my skin and the scrub made my skin super smooth. It also moisturized my skin as well, which I've never had that before in a scrub. I followed it up with the Mango Butter and my skin felt like silk. I recommend.

Absolutely Amazing

I originally purchased the serum in a facial kit for my adolescent daughter to help her with her acne. Dramatic improvements for her! Then, I recently was experiencing dry patchy skin and normally my skin is oily but with these darn masks and the winter air, my skin suffered badly. I remembered I had the serum and tried it..and skin did a total turn around! In two days...already no more rough, dry patches and my face feels as soft as a babies bottom! Love, love, love!

Lip conditioner

The lip conditioner is amazing! Not like any lip balm I’ve ever used. It’s velvety smooth and the soft sweet fragrance is really nice. No build up on my lips after use. It’s been really cold here in Indy so the lip conditioner has been a lifesaver for me.

Whipped Mango Butter
- Robert Thomas
Smoove buttery skin

this wonderful marriage of mango butter to further in hance my smoove buttery skin

Facial cleansing bar

The lather was amazing with the facial bar and the grapefruit sent is very mild which is a plus for me. I’ve never used a facial cleansing bar before and this was a hit! No unpleasant residue after a nice wash. You won’t be disappointed :)


Easy on, easy off. Protects you throughout the day, and is very easy on the "pit" being all natural and all! Only deodorant I use!

Da Best!!

I love this body butter!! Makes my skin feel smooth, soft and it smells sooooo good!!

Life in a bottle!!!

I love this face serum!! Apparently, my moving company did too because they stole it and I had to get another bottle lol This makes my face feel so good and the glow is AMAZING!!

This may be lengthy but it the truth... Wow

I've been a more than satisfied customer for over 6 months. I wanted to wait to make a review after I have used the product for a extended time. All I can say is WOW. It out performs every expectation I had in every application. Everytime I use the product I smile. It goes on smooth, keeps me moisturized, offers uv and sun protection, doesn't stain my clothes. It's hard to keep around because once you use it your hooked. I don't keep mine in plain site so it doesn't go missing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This product line is a gem. Will comment on the others soon.


At first, I only purchase to support a Home Town friend. But I must confess...I used the "Coffee Scrub Black" 😮 WOW! AMAZING! As a man I never thought I would appreciate a face/body scrub.

All Natural!! It's that part that grabbed my attention.

Absolutely love it!! You can feel the body butter hydrating your skin the moment it touches you.


This is definitely magical stuff!
My skin is super soft and the rough calloused areas are now smooth instead of feeling like sandpaper. Definitely a Self-care MUST have! ♥️