Mikayla's Journey ❤️

Mikayla Simone is my youngest child & only daughter. She is my hero and walking proof that miracles truly exist ✨️
Her journey started with a very rocky pregnancy.
  • At 12 wks, I found out I was pregnant (talk about shocking news!), however there was a large hemorrhage just outside of my womb that threatened baby's ability to grow. I was told I would likely miscarry. 🥺
  • At 18 wks, I was told baby tested positive for an open neural-tube defect. I was warned that she would likely be born with spina bifida and based on blood work, her life quality would be low - if she survived being born at all. I was offered termination. 😳
  • At 22 wks, the hemorrhage had started to shrink. An ultrasound showed no spinal issues, or defects. 🙌🏽 She measured small, but was hanging in there. We just might make it. 🤞🏽
  • At 26 wks 5 days, I experienced a very rapid onset of severe pre-eclampsia - a very dangerous condition which is characterized by high blood pressure. I went to the hospital, purely on intuition. I felt ok, but something kept nagging me to get checked. At the very least, they'd tell me I was paranoid because of the complications we'd experienced and send me home. I'm SO GLAD I listened to my inner voice. By the time I arrived, my blood pressure had reached very dangerous levels. I was admitted immediately. After several hours of trying to gain control of my vitals, I was informed that both my daughter's & my life were in grave danger. She would need to be born in order to stop it from getting worse. I was made aware that our chances of surviving were 50/50. They promised to do everything they could to save us both, but at that point, there were no guarantees.
An induced pregnancy, quickly turned into an emergency cesarean, as she was declining quickly during the process of getting her here. I remember being wheeled off into surgery. Seeing the faces of my family members & crying because I knew there was a very real chance that I would never see them again. 😔
On April 17, 2017 at 4:51pm, Mikayla Simone was born weighing 700 grams. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. She'd survived ❤️ It would be 4 days before I could meet her, as I was still recovering, but that's how our journey together began. And it was indeed, just the beginnning.
After 212 days in the NICU, pushing through all complications (and there were many), Mikayla was released with a number of medical complexities...but we remained faithful.
Fast forward to today, she is a bright & beautiful little girl. Still hanging tough. ✨️ She happens to be severely delayed developmentally, g-tube (feeding tube) dependent and has moderate to severe non-verbal autism.
She also happens to LOVE Pocoyo, running, dancing, singing (humming), swinging at the park, climbing, cuddling with mommy, and just being her overall AMAZING self. ❤️
Her story is one of faithfulness, perseverance, and beating the odds. She has a will for survival unlike anything I've EVER seen and inspires me to get up & give my all each and everyday. 
I feel honored to share this small piece of her heroic journey with all of you. 
Please join in wishing my babygirl a HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!! I look forward to celebrating many many more!! 🎉❤️