About Us

Our skin is our body's first layer of protection from the outside world. While science and technology have come a long way in propelling us into the future, when it comes to self-care and hygiene, we often need nothing more than what nature has already provided us. Each ingredient we use has been thoroughly researched, and carefully measured to ensure it's safety and effectiveness. Countless hours have been poured into creating recipes that release their full potential - taking the guesswork out of your self-care routine. 


Where it all began...


I've always enjoyed making body scrubs and butters for my own personal use. It started as hobby. However, after battling eczema with my son, and giving birth to a micro-preemie with VERY sensitive skin, I began to look very deeply into the products we were using as a family. The more I learned about the ingredients found in a lot of commercial products and the effects they could have on our bodies, the more concerned I grew. The links that have been found between certain cancers, skin conditions, and other health problems was unnerving. These products are a part of our everyday lives. The lives of our friends, our loved ones, our children. We all deserve to have self-care/hygiene products that we can actually trust. 


Mary & Grace All-Natural Whole Body Essentials was created to provide a healthier and safer option for luxury in self-care. Each of our items are made to order, in small batches to ensure they are at their freshest when they arrive. Our ingredients are purchased in their purest form and are all cruelty-free. 


I'm dedicated to providing you with the highest quality in handcrafted self-care products. No aluminum. No parabens. No synthetic ingredients, or GMO's. More of the natural things we need - none of the things we don't.


Because we deserve it . - Brittney (Owner/Founder)




Meet the Owner/Founder


Hi! If you are reading this, please know that I am so grateful to have you visiting our store. A bit about myself:


I am a mother of three. A full-time caregiver to my youngest child. She's a micro-preemie, born at 26 weeks gestation, and is autistic. She is my hero.  

I am a lover of nature. I truly enjoy exploring and learning about the things that we've been naturally afforded, and figuring out how to incorporate them into our everyday lives. 

My product line was created from compassion and was named in dedication to my Mother (Grace) and Grandmother (Mary). They were the embodiment of beauty and strength. I feel privileged to be able to honor them in a way that promotes health, safety, beauty, and self-love, not just for my family, but for families all over the world!  

Need to reach me? 

Email me directly: info@marygracelegacy.com